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Jeep Jamboree is a classic international JEEP event for JEEP car enthusiasts in its any modifications until 1965. It doesn’t matter if its military versions like MA, MB, M38, M606 or civilian modifications like CJ-2A, CJ3A, CJ-3B and others. Licensed production is also welcome – Hotchkiss, Mahindra, Viasa etc. 

The show is held every 5 years by Veteran Car Club Třebíč Czech republic in beautiful countryside of Třebíč city in Vysočina region. 

JEEP JAMBOREE is only ment for original or cars restored to original specifications!!! 


The 2020 JEEP JAMBOREE will take place on 11.-13.9.2020 at Autocamp Borovinka Koněšín


As mentioned before, this event is especially about meeting JEEP enthusiasts and therefore the whole program will be tied to JEEPs. You can look forward for road trips, offroad trips around the area and a lot of JEEP attractions and games in venue.

Friday 11.9.

  • Site opening and first comers from 16:00.
  • Word from event organisers  around 21:00 about the program.
  • Live band in the evening. 

Saturday 12.9.

  • From saturday morning groups will be send out for trips around. There will be more variations – on roads, off roads, forest roads etc. Depends on your experience and mood.
  • Every variation count with lunch break. 
  • After return there will take place JEEP games like “train, the saw, etc”.
  • Live band in the evening.


The event is held by VCC Třebíč, Polanka 1058, 674 01 Třebíč.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


    Registrations will start in 2025